Combining financial and tax planning into one house

Taxes impact investments and investments impact taxes. By unifying the two disciplines we are able to provide a more comprehensive and positive outcome.

We are Faith-Based Tax & Financial Professionals

We advise clients, including new ministers, chaplains, counselors, therapists, faith based non-profits, to navigate the complex financial and tax requirements.

We make sure investments take into account both tax planning and financial planning.

We coordinate tax and financial strategies so that they are not only tax efficient, but also meet their financial goals.


Tax Services


Tax Preparation

Although we have decades of experience, we are committed to constant learning to insure you are provided with the best tax preparation service we can offer. We offer professional Income Tax Preparation for Individuals, Trusts, LLC’s, Businesses and Estates.


Tax Planning

Taxpayers are often surprised at “Tax Time” that a significant amount of the profit they gained is lost through taxes. Proper planning before, during and after significant financial decisions is critical to retaining as much as possible of the assets you have worked to acquire.


Audit Representation

We stand behind the work we do. In the event of an Audit we are prepared to guide you through and handle your Audit Representation, as well as assisting you with Correspondence Matters and Collection Problems.


Financial Services


Financial Planning

We understand that each person’s situation is unique. It is our goal to help you identify your financial goals and assist you in finding solutions to achieving them.


Estate & Legacy

Planning for what happens after we are no longer here is almost as important as planning for ourselves. We work to simplify the transition of assets to our beneficiaries and to insure that those we love are cared for long after we can no longer do it ourselves.


Investment Products

We incorporate 3 main strategies into the investments we offer our clients. We utilize “Core” strategies for long-term growth; “Tactical” strategies to navigate changing environments; and “Defensive” strategies to protect against a major loss. The blending of these 3 strategies is a unique process for each client.